salam n hello...
kena tag nea...huhu

Name: Nurul Shafinaz bte Safni

Brother(s): 1

Sister(s): 1>>me lar

Eye Colour:soklat

Shoe Sizeerm..6 kot

hair: teet!!!bawah bahu

Piercing: arr..ntah...tak tahu

Height: 159...teet!!pindik2 tagap

What are you wearing right now? : adidas ijau

Where do you live: Taman Sri Panglima,Beaufort

Favourite number(s): 1 n 2 only ^.^

Favourite drink(s): mineral water,teh susu n kola

Favourite month: Januari

Favourite breakfast: kdg2 jak sarapan..^.^


Broken a bone: nop

Been in a police car: nop

Fallen for a friend: opkoz..=)

Fallen for a guy/girl in short period of time: yup =P

Broken someone's heart: banyak kali da..sory...=(

Cried when someone died: opkoz..T.T

Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call :yes..hehe

Saved e-mails: yes


what your room look like: pink lyke princess pink!!ngee~

what is right beside you: doremon =)

what is the last thing you ate: nasi ma telor dadar.ahax!!


who was the last person you danced with: haha..QDEL..wakaka

who last made you smile: QDEL...^.^


what are you listening at now?: nada..tengok cahaya now. ^.^

what did you do today: 0n9

Indoors and Outdoors?: Outdoors =P


talk to someone you like?: erm..nop

kiss anyone?: yup..kiss dri jauh..

sing?: nop

talk to an ex?: nop

miss someone?: opkoz..QDEL 

eat?: nop..blom lapar g


You talked to on the phone?: Qdel..tym ea emoc sms nda dpat out..=D

made you cry?: Qdel lagi...

went to the movies with?: Qdel..^.^

you went to the mall with?: Qdel..kompom ko jadi urg gji aq!!


been to mexico?: no

been to USA?: no


have a crush to anyone?: yup..

what book are you reading right now?: buku blooger..wakaka

best feeling in the world?: LOVE

Future kids name?:  blom pkir lagi

do you sleep with a stuffed animal?: doremon n Qdel is not animal k..huu..

whats under your bed?: bantal 

favourite sport(s) : valleyball opkoz..^.^

Favourite place: Centre Point n 1Borneo 

who do you really hate?: penipu!!

do you have a job?: yup..work at my FB n TAGGED...ngee~

huhu..udah..penat banget!!

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